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Natural Essential Oils Or Synthetic Ones – What Is Better?

Aroma oils are used not only for inhalations. They are also added into a great number of cosmetics. Essential oil contains ingredients that influence some chemical processes of our body and it leads to certain changes in the work of our organs and systems. Aroma oil that is used for the massage is easily absorbed by the skin and affects the whole body including endocrine system. They can also be taken in by adding them into herbal tea. Different types of oils cause different effect on people. That is why in order to achieve the maximum effect, special selection is needed.

It is important to remember that only Essential oils Manufacturer can be applied on skin. Lavender oil and tea tree oil are the only ones that can be used in a concentrated form. In treatment only natural essential oils can be used. Synthetic products may have the same odor but they are not healthy for the organism. They can only be used for the aromatization of rooms. Such synthetic oils can’t be taken in because they can cause allergy or irritation.

How to distinguish natural essential oils from synthetic ones?

100% guarantees that the essential oil you have bought is natural can show only chromatographic research that is not available for the ordinary consumer.

How to distinguish synthetic volatile oil from a natural one at home?

The first factor is the price. It is not a secret that natural volatile oils are very expensive. For example, when buying a large bottle marked “100% essential oil” for a low price, you can be sure that it is a fake.

Essential oils, in comparison with vegetable and mineral ones don’t leave oily stains on the paper.

If you are sensitive to odors you can determine the quality of the oil very precisely by application of one drop on your wrist or on the cloth. Natural volatile oils have many components which have different volatility. That is why in an hour or in a half of an hour the odor will be different. The odor of the synthetic oil will remain the same, getting weaker with time.

Storage period of natural essential oils is very short, because they lose their properties very fast. They can evaporate very fast if the bottle is not carefully closed.

Natural essential oils are packed solely in glass bottles with 50% blackout and special closure.

If you found peach, strawberry or lilac oils be sure that it is a fake because essential oils can’t be obtained out of these plants. All the fruit aromas are synthetic fragrances. Lotus oil is also a fake. Everybody knows that this plant is included into the red book. Its industrial plantations don’t exist so it can’t be sold in the market.

Natural ethers can’t have the similar price, because the raw material is different, from mint to plants from red book. This raw material can be obtained in a several different ways. One can be taken from industrial plantations and the other is collected in secluded areas of wild nature. The processing differs a lot too. That is why the price of different natural essential oils varies in tens or hundreds of times.

You should also consider the information that is given on the package. If it says that it is “only for external use” or it is “100% pure aroma oil” then you can be sure that it is synthetic one.

Essential oils are widely used in handmade cosmetics. The amount of drops used in it should be minimal. You will have to turn on your smelling because some flavors have pleasant but at the same time sharp odor, which should be diluted with other fragrances.

There are also some debates about the question whether it is possible to add volatile oil and flavor enhancer in one product. There were no special researches but the experience shows that they can be added in minimal amount for the creation of unique flavor.

Handmade cosmetic is a unique and a healthy one that is why natural essential oils are strongly recommended.

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